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Resurfaced Pool Deck

A pool is a major attraction be it in your house or a hotel. Even in public areas, people love to spend some time by the pool. When the area is so loved by all, doesn’t it deserve a little better treatment? Does the pool deck area look beautiful if not then it’s time you should change it? Worried about the replacement cost? Well, forget all the worry as now you have plenty of pool deck resurfacing options that cost less. According to by resurfacing you save money and give the deck a completely new look like it was just made.

A Durable Makeover
Recently someone in my neighborhood wanted to give their patio and pool deck a complete makeover. Their preference was a slightly decorative and predominantly something durable to allow the makeover. The concrete surface already present was not in a very appreciable condition. The damage had happened due to the ice in the region. The homeowners were also worried about the cost as there was some good amount of damage in the area. So the service provider settled them with a price that saved them nearly $6000. Along with this they also gave the homeowners a very beautiful makeover for their patio and deck area.

All they did was do a resurfacing without having to replace the entire thing on the house patio and pool deck. The designers settled on random shapes installation for the pool deck ad for the patio a fieldstone pattern. The service provider bought a special variety of concrete to make up for the damage in the current concrete surface. It saved the home owners the cost of replacing the entire concrete surface. It was a great savior through and with some incredible results. The home owners were pretty excited.

Repairing the concrete surface was important as it would affect the look of the finishing surface. After everything was ready to be done, the patio surface was stamped with fieldstone pattern. Using some stamping tools that have been there like forever the stamping can still be done very elegantly. The new concrete also helped in designing the random pattern that was planned for the pool area. It made the work finish much more beautiful than it would have been without it. The top surface was textured in the pool deck area so as to prevent any slip and fall. The friction should be more in the pool deck surface as there can be a lot of water around the pool.

This increases the chance of slipping which is prevented by adding textures to the top surface. Also, texturing prevents any sharp edges which are further finished by the grindstone. After all, this was completed the final impression surface was formed using the process of grouting. It was more like an uncolored grout that looks rugged and natural. It looks more suitable with a pool deck area look. You can also get the revamping done for your house. Justcall today and get the details of resurfacing from the nearest service provider in your city.